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Dreams of XI TPHP SMK Negeri 5 Singkawang 2014/2015

Meet again with dreams from students of SMK Negeri 5 Singkawang, Those are dreams of XI TPHP, hope their dreams will be come true, let's see ^_^

1. Ayu's hope : I hope I can study in Japan and meet my idol like B.A.P and Big Bang.
2. Suniati's hope : I hope I want to be a manager.
3. Karnila's hope : I hope I want to be a doctor.
4. Nika's hope : I hope I want to be a doctor.
5. Yusuf's hope : I wish, I want to be a boss.
6. Jery's hope : I hope, I can be an Army.
7. Rahmat's hope : I hope I want to be a teacher.
8. Egi's hope : I hope I want to be International player football.
9. Niko's hope : I hope I want to be TNI AD.
10. Mariansyah's hope : I hope I want to be a rider.
11. Wahyudi's hope : I hope I want to be a Police man.
12. Mulyadi's hope : I hope I want to be entrepreneur.
13. Medi's hope : I hope I want to be a Army.
14. Ulan's hope : I hope I want to be a doctor.
15. Winarsih's hope : I hope I want to be a entrepreneur.
16. Agustina's hope : I hope I want to be entrepeneur.
17. Fitra's hope : I hope I want to be an army.

Goog Luck my beloved students ^_^

Rabu, 19 November 2014

Dreams of XI MM SMKN 5 Singkawang

Those are dreams of my students at SMKN 5 Singkawang,
1. Desy's hopes : I wish make my parents proud and I hope to study in Malang two next years.
2. Emi's hopes : I hope I will be a doctor.
3. Nurti's hope : I want to become a nurse and I wish my parents happy.
4. Mella's hope : I want to become a great teacher.
5. Nurhida's hope : I want to become entrepreneur.
6. Riska's hope : I want to become a lecturer.
7. Depi's hope : I hope to become a veterinary because I want my parents to be proud.
8. Yesica's hope : I hope my parents always happy.
9. Yusnita's hope : I want to become a entrepreneur who success because I want my parents be happy.
10. Wandedi's hope : I want to become army.

Hope, they reach their dreams, so all of my students keep spirit, don't give up and don't forget to pray, Wish you all the best ^_^...

Senin, 17 November 2014

Soal-soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris

1.      Bella    : Mrs. Wirjawan, are you free this Saturday? My mother wants to invite   you to our barbeque party. Would you like to come?
Mrs. Wirjawan : That sounds lovely, Bella. However, I’m so sorry, this Saturday I’m going out of the city.
From the text above, we can conclude that ……………
a.       Mrs. Wirjawan will go to the barbeque party.
b.      Mrs. Wirjawan agrees to go to the party.
c.       Mrs. Wirjawan is so sorry that she can’t go to the party.
d.      Mrs. Wirjawan doesn’t like a barbeque party.
e.       Mrs. Wirjawan don’t agree with the party because he doesn’t like it.
2.      Annie : have you visited Mulawarman palace? It’s the oldest palace in Kalimantan.
Bob     : No, I haven’t, but I want to be able to do it next week.
The underlined words shows…….
a.       Refusal
b.      Invitation
c.       Opinion
d.      Hope
e.       Suggestion
3.      John : I have Olympiad of physic.
Dea    : Have you prepared it?
John    : of course, I have studied hard,
Dea    : _______________________.
John     : Thank you very much, I hope so.
a.       Really, you will do the best.
b.      I hope you win in this Olympiad.
c.       You should do your homework.
d.      Don’t you forget to go there?
e.       I will support you.
4.      Dina   : yes you are right,
Reka    : ______________.
Dina   : thanks! I am happy to make you proud.
a.       I hope you will realize all my dreams.
b.      I want to get the winner this competition.
c.       Marvelous! I am so proud of you.
d.      I am hoping to finish all my work.
e.       Really, I am so glad to hear that.
Fill the blanks with past tense (5-6)!
Avi: What did you do during last weekend?
Sisil: I (5) ... (go) to my grandparents’ house. What did you do?
Avi: I (6) ... (not go) anywhere. I just stayed at home.
5.       a. Go  b. Went           c. am going      d. Goes            e. Gone
6.       a. not going    b. did not went                       c. did not go    d. was not go  e. am go
7.      Yusnita : Is no one living with your grandmother in the house?
Mella    : No, she ________ anyone do anything for her for years.
a.       Never had
b.      Doesn’t have
c.       Has never had
d.      Never has
e.       Will never have
8.      Eka : you look so unhappy, Anton. What’s the matter?
Anton       : my father _________ his job.
a.       Has just lose
b.      Has been losing
c.       Losing
d.      Is losing
e.       Loses
9.      John ___ in the same house since 1962
a.      Has lived
b.      Having live
c.       Had live 
d.      Have living
e.       has live
10.  Susan has mastered Japanese, so she can communicate.
The interrogative form of the sentence above is…
a.       Have Susan mastered Japanese?
b.      Had Susan master Japanese?
c.       Has Susan mastered Japanese?
d.      Did Susan mastered Japanese?
e.       Do Susan master Japanese?
11.  Nadine : where is my dictionary? It was on my desk.
Riska    : perhaps, somebody _________ it.
a.       Takes
b.      Has taken.
c.       Is taking
d.      Had taken
e.       Would take
12.  For a long time, men ________ to use solar energy because sunshine is not something is not something which is constant and thus always available, especially in temperate and cold climate.
a.       Fail
b.      Failed
c.       have failed
d.      had failed
e.       is failing
13.  Peter : who wrote Romeo and Juliet?
Angel : Romeo and Juliet _____________ by Shakespeare.
a.       Will be written
b.      Has been written
c.       Was written
d.      Can be written
e.       Is written
For number 14 to 18!!!!
The Smartest Parrot
                Once upon time, a man had a wonderful parrot. There was no other parrot like it. The parrot could say every word, except one word. The parrot would not say the name of the place where it was born. The name of the place was Catano.
                The man felt excited having the smartest parrot but he could not understand why the parrot would not say Catano. The man tried to teach the bird to say Catano however the bird kept not saying the word.
                At the first, the man was very nice to the bird but then he got very angry. “You stupid bird!” pointed the man to the parrot. “Why can’t you say the word? Say Catano! Or I will kill you” the man said angrily. Although he tried hard to teach, the parrot would not say it. Then the man got so angry and shouted to the bird over and over; “Say Catano or I’ll kill you”. The bird kept not to say the word of Catano.
                One day, after he had  been  trying so many times to make the bird say Catano, the man really got very angry. He could not bear it. He picked the parrot and threw it into the chicken house. There were four old chickens for next dinner “You are as stupid as the chickens. Just stay with them” Said the man angrily. Then he continued to humble; “You know, I will cut the chicken for my meal. Next it will be your turn, I will eat you too, stupid parrot”. After that he left the chicken house.
                The next day, the man came back to the chicken house. He opened the door and was very surprised. He could not believe what he saw at the chicken house. There were three death chickens on the floor. At the moment, the parrot was standing proudly and screaming at the last old chicken; “Say Catano or I’ll kill you”.
14.  From the text above, we know that the social function of the text is …
a.       to persuade
b.      to describe
c.       to explain
d.      to entertain
e.       to advertise
15.  Why the man got so angry and tried to kill the Parrot?
a.       because the parrot could not say even one word
b.      because the parrot could say Catano
c.       because the parrot hate the man
d.      because the parrot could say every word except Catano
e.       because the parrot is stupid
16.  What is Catano?
a.       the name of the Parrot
b.      the name of the man
c.       the name of the place where the parrot was born
d.      the name of the place where the man was born
e.       the name of the chicken house
17.  The first paragraph of the text above is called _______ part
a.       Resolution
b.      Orientation
c.       Reorientation
d.      Complication
e.       Reiteration
18.  “Although he tried hard to teach,….” (Paragraph 3). The word he refers to….
a.       the man
b.      the parrot
c.       Catano
d.      the Chicken
e.       the Chicken house
For numbers 19 to 20
Wahyudi         : Emi, what are you doing?
Emi                  : I’m trying to fix my bicycle. Do you think that it works?
Wahyudi         : Well, I think you’d better have it repaired.
Emi                  : Yeah… It sounds better.
19.  The expression of asking for opinion in the dialog is…
a.       What are you doing?
b.      I’m trying to fix my bicycle.
c.       Do you think that it works?
d.      I think you’d better have it repaired.
e.       It sounds better.
20.  “yeah… it sounds better.”
From the response above, we know that…
a.       Emi agrees with Wahyudi’s opinion
b.      Emi Wants to fix his bicycle by himself
c.       Emi thinks that he will succeed
d.      Wahyudi has a good voice
e.       Wahyudi will repair Emi’s bicycle
21.  The following expressions of asking opinion, except….
a.       What do you think about the new mall?
b.      Do you think that the teachers allow us to have vacation?
c.       I would say that googling is the fastest way to find information.
d.      How do you feel about having lunch in seafood restaurant?
e.       Wouldn’t you agree that we move to this city soon?
22.  Your younger sister has many assignments from her school. They must be submitted tomorrow. However, she wants to spend the whole day with her friends in Dufan. What would you say to her?
a.       I think, you should finish your homework before going anywhere.
b.      You can go anywhere you want.
c.       It’s up to you.
d.      It doesn’t matter. You can do your homework tomorrow.
e.       I think, you should hang out with your friend.
23.  Fany   : I haven’t studied yet. Tomorrow we’ll have a Math exam.
Anggie: _____________.
Fani    : Yes, you’re right.
a.       You must relax and let it flow.
b.      Don’t worry about the exam.
c.       I think,  you must study hard.
d.      Let’s shop until we drop.
e.       You should sleep now.
For number 24 to 25
Nika    : Gosh, my computer is not connecting.
Niko    : let me fix yours if you don’t mind.
Nika    : yes, please. I really need it.
Niko    : do you want me to check the printing machine? It doesn’t seem good.
Nika    : Is that okay.
Niko    : Sure, It’s my job.
Nika    : Thank you very much.
24.  The underlined expression shows….
a.       Offering help.
b.      Accepting help
c.       Refusing to help.
d.      Giving suggestion.
e.       Asking for suggestion.
25.  How does Nika response to Niko’s help?
a.       Gosh, my computer is not connecting.
b.      Let me fix yours if you don’t mind.
c.       It doesn’t seem good.
d.      Is that okay.
e.       Thank you very much.
26.  Rima : The weather is very hot today.
Dinda: ………I think it can lower our body temperature.
a.       What about eating same hot plate food?
b.      What about doing some exercises?
c.       What about going to the beach?
d.      What about come to my uncle house?
e.       What about eating ice cream?
27.  Doni    : I don’t  know which novel I should buy.
Maryam   : What about the newest novel from Stephenie Meyer, The Short   Second Life   of  Bree tanner: An Eclipse Novella?
Doni    : Hey, that’s a good idea.
From the conversation , we know that ……
a.       Doni doesn’t accept Maryam’s suggestion.
b.      Maryam and Doni don’t like a novel.
c.       Doni doesn’t like Maryam’s suggestion.
d.      Doni will think about his friend’s suggestion.
e.       Doni believes that his friend’s suggestion is a good idea.
28.  Anggie : I recommend you buy this book. It motivates us to reach our dreams.
Risa      : _____________ I already bought it last year. The book is not so good.
a.       That sounds good to me.
b.      Really ? okay, I’ll buy it.
c.       I don’t think so.
d.      I don’t know.
e.       Ok, I will buy it.
29.  Guest  : Can I get a cup of hot coffee, salad, and fried chicken?
Waitress : Sure, Sir. Just a minute, please. ___________.
Guest : Thank you.
a.       I hope you will enjoy the food.
b.      I like it.
c.       You can go now.
d.      You will be happy.
e.       Nice to see you.
For numbers 30 and 31
Mikrat : We have final test tomorrow.
Yusuf : yeah, I know.
Mikrat : I hope it’s not too hard. I really want to pass this test.
Yusuf : Me too.
Mikrat : Let’s prepare ourselves well.
30.  The utterance that expresses wish is…
a.       We have final test tomorrow
b.      Yeah, I know
c.       I hope it’s not too hard. I really want to pass this test.
d.      Me too
e.       Let’s prepare ourselves well
31.  “I really want to pass this test.”
What does the underlined word mean?
a.       Obey
b.      Through
c.       Prepared
d.      Back
e.       Endure

 for numbers 32-33

Apt BLK 30, Eunos St.
#05 – 116
Singapore 1441
2nd April 2009
Dear Liza,
I have received your letter asking me to meet you at your house this Sunday to discuss the urgent matter you have. I regret however to say that it will not be possible for me to see you on Sunday as I already have a previous appointment. I shall see you on Monday, next week, at 5 p.m. hoping the change of date will be convenient to you.
Your sincerely,

32. What does the letter tell about?
a.       Liza’s problem
b.      Liza’s appointment
c.       Daisy’s previous letter to Liza
d.      Daisy’s regret for not being able to come
e.       A meeting held at Liza’s house
33.      Why did Liza ask Daisy to come to her house?
a.       Liza wanted Daisy to solve her problem
b.      Daisy would discuss her problem with Liza
c.       Liza persuaded Daisy to go somewhere
d.      Daisy wanted to meet Liza’s family
e.       Liza wanted to chat with Daisy
34.      Rina: Hi, Talia, ___________!
Talia: Thank you.
a.       I am sorry to hear that
b.      I will happy if you come to your house
c.       Congrats for your baby girl
d.      I am not proud of you
e.       let me leave this room.
35.      Medi    : who….. the vase?
Peri      : I did it. Let me clean these all.
a.       Break
b.      Breaks
c.       Broke
d.      Broken
e.       Breaking
36.      As my friend won the first prize for a scientific writing competition, I sent him a card saying….
a.       congratulations! I knew you could do it.
b.      wow, I didn’t know you could write!
c.       was it hard writing for a competition?
d.      that’s good. But you could do better next time.
e.       were there many participants in the competition?
for numbers 37- 38
To          : Mr. Joko
From      : Director
Subject  : Meeting
Date       : February 5th, 2004
Please attend the meeting with Mr. Roni at the Hotel Pelangi on Saturday, 
February 7th 2004 at the 8 A.M. on behalf of the director. 
Looking forward to your report upon the completion of the meeting.


37. Who wrote the memo?
a.       Mr. Joko
b.      Guest
c.       The secretary
d.      Director
e.       Mr. Roni
38.      What is the purpose of the memo?
a.       To ask Mr. Roni to come to the hotel
b.      Asking Mr. Joko to come the meeting
c.       Telling the director to have a meeting
d.      Welcoming a guest of the Hotel Pelangi
e.       Giving information to Mr. Roni
39.      Dinda: Some of our friends will study Science together in my house tomorrow. Do you want to come?
Raka   : …. It will be very helpful. I’m not good enough in Science.
a.       What a great idea!
b.      I’d love to, but I don’t think I can come.
c.       I’m really sorry. I already have my own plan.
d.      Well, I’m not sure.
e.       Thank you very much.
40.       Wati          : "You look very beautifully with that dress."
Rini           : "Thank you. My father bought it for me on my birthday."
                                                           B            C
Wati          : "What a lovely dress. It must be very expensive.
                       D                                        E
41.     Andi : where are you last night?
                   A         B
Dono: I was at home. I didn’t go anywhere.
              C                         D           E
42.      I am always come to school on time. I am never late.                A                 B                    C            D             E 
     43.        My little brother likes chocolate very much. She asked me to buy it for him last night.
                      A                                        B     C   D                        E

44.  He is a good teacher. He always explain the lesson clearly. He also teaches us
                    A                                   B                         C                        D  
45. As you requested, I have booked a room at the bestest hotel in the city.
      A               B                     C                                    D              E                    

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